MAX PowerLite Tools
20 Bar All Rounder Tool MAX HN75 
HN75.jpg Model: HN75
Weight: 2,3 kg
Dimensions: 323 X 129 X 294 mm
Load capacity: 300 nails/coil 
Operating pressure: 12 – 23 bar
Shank diameter: ø2,5 – ø3,8 mm wire welded nails
ø2,5 – ø2,9 mm plastic collated nails
Nail length: 45 – 75 mm (wire welded nails)
32 – 65 mm (plastic collated nails)
Protection: Independent sequential

The 20 Bar All Rounder Tool is a simple tool used for tying two or more wooden elements in making cases and pallets. The rounder tool is a simple tool which is easy to get used to operating. Prior to its use, operating instructions have to be read and the safety rules considered.

The service center for rounder tools is in Škofja Loka, where we do our best to repair the tool well and to return it back to use as soon as possible. The tool is intended for professional use.


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