Presentation of the Tool Shop

NIKO, Ltd, was established in 1946. The development of the factory also depended on the development of its own equipment and tools, which was provided by the TOOL SHOP department. The Tool Shop is today equipped with modern CNC machines, with which we produce the most demanding cutting and bending tools, assembly tools and computer controlled assembly lines, which are fully automated.
We have our own construction and we construct with PROENGINEER and Me10 software. CNC machines are connected into network with CAM / CAD technology. Proengineer was upgraded with the Windchill information system in order to achieve end-to-end management of technical documentation throughout the entire product life cycle.
We produce tools for outside clients, and we can also provide only services on individual machines, such as CNC milling, wire erosion, profile grinding and similar.

We produce for our own production needs as well as for the needs of the market the following: 

  • Highly productive sheet cutting and forming tools,
  • Computer controlled assembly lines,
  • Size of tools 500 x 1100 x 400.

We provide:

  • Development with technology
  • Project engineering / design
  • Production
  • Assembly / Installation
  • Services on individual machines (CNC milling, wire erosion)
  • Automation
  • Robotization
  • Measuring on a 3D coordinate measuring device
  • After-sales service


  • stamping of products with your tools on our presses.

Our references: 

  • DOMEL Zelezniki,
  • LTH CASTINGS Skofja Loka,
  • DIFA Skofja Loka,
  • TEHNOPLAST Blejska Dobrava,
  • LAMA Dekani,
  • EMO Tool Shop,
  • POLYCOM Poljane nad Skofjo Loko,
  • BIELLA Switzerland,
  • EXACOMPTA France,
  • KORONA Czech Republic,
  • INTERKOV Czech Republic,
  • ROSEGG Austria,
  • LIPA MILL Croatia
  • SKAGIAS Greece,
  • ELBA Germany,
  • HERLITZ AG Germany.
Automation and robotization
CNC Surface grinding machine
CNC Surface grinding machine
Machining center
Machining center
Coordinate measuring device
Coordinate measuring device 
Wire erosion
Wire erosion


European Business Awards

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Project ECOMEH

Final project: The development and industrialization of eco-innovative consumer products. PDF document of the project.

The project is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund


Quality Certification

IQet 9001 small IQet 14001 small

How to reach us

We have prepared a few variants of active maps on how to reach our company. 

Map of search engine.


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