Steel fibres

Slit sheet fibres for micro-reinforcement of concrete are useful where it is built on a preliminary hardened foundation.

These are industrial floors, screeds and various concrete products, e.g. pipes, edging stones, etc. Steel fibres can also be used for producing shafts, reinforcements of front door jambs, where mechanical damages are likely to occur, and the like.

JV 33/40-BR06

Slit Sheet Fibre With Hooked Ends niko zelezniki min

Material DC 01
Material-No. 1.0330
Standard DIN EN 10139 / 10140
Tensile strength 465 N/mm² ± 75 N/mm²
Length L = 40 mm ± 2 mm
Width B = 1,5 mm ± 0,7 mm
Thickness D = 0,6 mm
Cross section rectangular

Steel fibres are mixed into concrete and are evenly distributed in such a way that they are present three dimensionally in built-in concrete – in the whole mass.

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