Rivets for fixing mechanisms into files


 Item number
 301642 Ø 10,0 Ø 3,0 7,0  rivets for semi automats
 302319 Ø 7,0 Ø 3,0 7,0  self-cutting rivets for HANG lines
 302427 Ø 7,0 Ø 3,5 6,9  low rivets for KUGLER lines
 302396 Ø 8,2 Ø 3,35 9,0  high rivets for KUGLER lines

Kovice za pritrditev mehanizma v registrator.

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Tools for clenching self-cutting rivets – for the HANG line.

Kovičarji samoprebojnih kovic za HANG linijo.




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Final project: The development and industrialization of eco-innovative consumer products. PDF document of the project.

The project is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund


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