Construction staples
  • Gradbene palične sponkeAre used for fixing and tying wooden elements and constructions.
  • Staples are entirely made of protected materials. The main protection is zinc, but there is an increase in the use of stainless steel materials. Wires with an extra deposit of zinc are used for the construction of staples. Stainless steel materials are used everywhere where products are directly exposed to atmospheric influence or salt water. 
  • Staples are made with different cuts: classic ones from 70 to 90 degrees, saw-edge cut, pointed cut, chisel-shaped and wedge-shaped cuts. The form of the cut influences the penetration of a staple through a material. 
  • Construction staples are a special category of staples used in constructing prefabricated houses and other constructions. Staples are coated with at least 50 g of zinc per m² and a special resin that increases the drawing force needed to pull out a staple. The staples are certified at the German institute for wood, stone and steel in Karlsruhe according to DIN 1052 Part 2. 

Staple types are shown in the table below.

TYPE   sponke_mera_01.gif sponke_mera_02.gif REMARKS
Construction staples 76 / 25-65
155 / 18-60 (65)
191/30-107 Rf
192/30-107 Rf
8,4 / 11,2
7,9 / 10,8
1,43 x 1,58
1,40 x 1,55
1,84 x 2,12
1,84 x 2,12
Construction staples are made in accordance with DIN 1052.
C-zinc plated (50g Zn/m²)
Rf-stainless steel


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