Declaration on the use of the Type II Environmental Label for a group of products which are built-in metal components in office files


In organization NIKO d.o.o., we equipped the group of products that are installed in the file with the Mobius loop environmental label in accordance with the standard ISO 14021:2016 Environmental labels and declarations – Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling).


The components of the file marked with the Mobius loop are:recycling symbol

    • - lever arch mechanisms,
    • - compressors and
    • - small metal mounting parts (oval and round rings, rivets).


The product group to be installed in the file and to which the Mobius Loop Type II Environmental Label applies shall meet the following specific requirements of point 7 of ISO 14021:2016:

  • 7.4 Designed for disassembly: Products consist of metal and plastic parts. Plastic parts can be separated from metal ones. We have prepared Disassembly Instructions for our users.
  • 7.7 Recyclable: Metal and plastic components of products are disposed of in separate waste collection containers after the end of the life of the file. Collected waste shall be handed over to an authorized waste collector in accordance with national legislation.
    • - Suitable waste numbers for end users are: 20 01 39 Plastics, 20 01 40 Metals
    • - Suitable waste numbers for organizations are also: 12 01 02 Ferrous metal  dust and particles, 12 01 05 Plastics shavings and turnings
  • 7.8 Material transformation of a part of waste: During the production of the base plate of the mechanism, steel fibres are formed, which are used as a construction product Steel fibres 33/40 BR. The demand on the market for this product is smaller than the amount of steel fibre waste.


On the website of NIKO d.o.o. Železniki (, all relevant information regarding our Type II Environmental Label (Declaration on the use of the Type II Environmental Label and Disassembly Instructions) is available to the interested public. By agreement with the management, it is possible to obtain more accurate data that confirms our claims of meeting the specific requirements of ISO 14021:2016.

We have established criteria related to environmental protection and that support sustainable development, and we check them annually:

    1. Evaluation of suppliers in relation to environmental management.
    2. Quality control of materials according to the REACH Regulation.
    3. Availability and adequacy of data on the website of NIKO d.o.o. in relation to the Type II Environmental Label.
    4. Inspection of the construction product Steel fibres 33/40 BR according to SIST EN 14889-1:2006.


The management of NIKO d.o.o. Železniki ensures that the information is accurate, true and relevant for the period when the product is available on the market.

Železniki, November 2021

Declaration on the use of the Type II Environmental Label for a group of products which are builtin metal components in office files - PDF document.

Separation of metal and plastic parts of the lever arch mechanism

Necessary accessories: vice, saw


1. Clamping the lever arch mechanism in the vice
1. Clamping the lever arch
mechanism in the vice
2. Opening of the lever arch
2. Opening of the lever arch
3. Sawing the two stage rivet
3. Sawing the two stage rivet
4. Disassembly of the small wheel
4. Disassembly of the small wheel
5. Separate metal and plastic
5. Separate metal and plastic


Separation of metal and plastic parts of the compressor bar


1. Compressor bar.
1. Compressor bar.
2. Clamping the compressor bar in a vice.
2. Clamping the compressor bar
in a vice.
3. Bend the free part of the compressor bar back according to the clamped part of the compressor bar in the vice.
3. Bend the free part of the
compressor bar back according
to the clamped part of the
compressor bar in the vice.
4. Bend the free part of the compressor bar 90° back according to the part of the compressor bar that is clamped in the vice.
4. Bend the free part of the
compressor bar 90° back
according to the part of the
compressor bar that is clamped
in the vice.
5. Unclip the curved piece and pull out the wires.
5. Unclip the curved piece
and pull out the wires.
6. Pull the wires completely out of the base plate and remove the plastic piece from the piece – the closure.
6. Pull the wires completely
out of the base plate and
remove the plastic piece
from the piece – the closure.

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Updated: 25 May 2018

Sales of industrial equipment - steel fibre production

Company NIKO sales two production lines for the manufacture of glued and loose steel fibres.

Prodaja industrijske opreme - proizvodnja jeklenih vlaken

Steel fibres for reinforcement of concrete of industrial screeds, screeds…

The quality of the company NIKO, d.o.o., Železniki is the result of the knowledge and coordinated efforts of all employees to do their job as well as possible and the commitment of the company's management to comply with all environmental requirements, to inform everyone who works for or on behalf of the company with the environmental policy, we take care of pollution prevention, permanent reduction of environmental impacts and continuous improvement. We are committed to complying with regulations and industry requirements that regulate the field of quality and the environment.

Quality management of products, services and appropriate environmental management is ensured by harmonizing operations with the international quality management standard ISO 9001, automotive standard IATF 16949 and environmental management system ISO 14001. Individual products from the stationery products program have been equipped with the Mobius loop environmental label according to the standard ISO 14021, thus supporting sustainable development in the field of waste recycling and the use of natural resources.

In order to ensure quality, we have "internal customers and suppliers" within the company. Every employee, who is a customer on the one hand and a supplier on the other, is responsible for the quality of their work and must clearly define their wishes and requirements as well as respect the wishes and requirements of the users of their services. Every employee is responsible for the quality of their work, so they must ensure that their internal customer gets the expected quality.

The goals of the quality policy are satisfied interested parties, satisfied customers, meeting customer requirements, a pleasant and safe environment, continuous improvement, low costs.

The goals of the environmental management policy are safe and healthy environment, efficient use of energy, humanization of work, reduction of consumption of natural resources and raw materials, separation and reduction of waste, reduction of environmental pollution with harmful substances and use of best available techniques in given economic circumstances.

The quality of products and services and the appropriate environmental management are reflected in the trust and satisfaction of interested parties. It's worth the effort. Customers need to be confident that our products and services are worth their money, and that they are made by employees who understand quality and environmental policy and strive to meet the set goals. The quality policy is also accessible to the public through the media.

Managers, executives and group leaders with a personal example enforce the adopted quality and environmental management policy and analyze any deviations and take corrective action.

Niko respects the rules of non-discrimination of employees regarding religion, gender, race, nationality and has zero tolerance for corruption. Corruption whistleblowers will not be penalized or exposed to mobbing.

November 2021

Quality and Environmental Policy - PDF document.


VISIT US - Hall 4, Stand 4424



Since more than 70 years we manufacture high class lever arch mechanisms for the stationery industry. This long-standing experience with metal and its possibilities, our success in tool making as well as in component assembly and our good reputation make us an ideal business partner – also for the automotive industry.

Together with car manufacturers we have developed products suiting the requirements of the automotive industry regarding design, functionality and workability and certified according to ISO 16949. We have let our strengths unfold in early stages of development. The result is a choice of ready-made components which can be adapted and extended for individual use. 

NIKO - Nov program za avtomobilsko industrijo »Design for Manufacturing« ter »Design for Assembling«.

Heat sinks for led lights

You are invited to visit presentation of program Niko with linking to lower connections or with choice of menu “Products for automotive industry”.

Stamping parts, Assembly


European Business Awards

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Project ECOMEH

Final project: The development and industrialization of eco-innovative consumer products. PDF document of the project.

The project is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund


Quality Certification

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We have prepared a few variants of active maps on how to reach our company. 

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